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anti-filipino riots
fun day

This article speaks of the harsh treatments the Filipinos had to go threw in America. Reading this article shows that, seemingly, Americans are extremely selfish and are full of themselves and can’t stop racism and being prejudice towards any race. Once they are done with their “fun” and demeaning one race, or they have to stop, the go onto a different race of people. It was worse off for Filipinos because they didn’t have a “mother country” to protect them from the prejudice.

Most Filipinos that came to America were young males. On New Year’s Eve in 1926 there was a riot. Filipinos were shot with rubber bands as they escorted white girls at a street carnival which caused a fight cause a white male to get stabbed. Then a chief of police led the beating and stoning of them in a field. This led to 300 vigilantes to burn down a Filipino labor camp.


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