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IWW versus KKK
fun day

This article is about the clash of the two raciest groups the IWW and the KKK. IWW stands for industrial workers of the world and the KKK stands for the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK was for white supremacy and the IWW was the exact opposite of them. The IWW believed in the right to free speech in a non violence manor. The cult “wobblies” were extremely violent people who were feared by many including a lot of members in the KKK. The IWW was mostly assaulted by the Wobblies and some got beaten to death in prisons. Being as the IWW was a non violent cult they got trampled on my both KKK and the Wobblies.

For instance the IWW got attacked by the wobblies when they were having a peaceful meeting injuring 4 men seriously. Also the KKK got in on tormenting the IWW. Thousands of members in the KKK surrounded one of the IWW halls and tore it apart and demolished the foundation. You would think something like this would go unnoticed. Will it got somewhat noticed and only a few KKK leaders of the assault got arrested. It’s amazing how these things went on and still going on to an extent we know the solution so it’s right in front of us, why aren’t we fixing it.


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