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Pop Life
fun day

This introduction writes about comparing Oprah Winfrey to James Frey. James Frey is a man who's been on Oprah’s show. From being on her show it helped him sell millions of copies of a book called "A Million Little Pieces", but then they come to find out that it was fabricated in parts of his book. Oprah was not happy that this happened and felt betrayed. She brought him back on her show to question him about his lies.

After a lawsuit the publisher allowed everyone who bought his book to get a full refund. I find this only just that the people get there refund. It’s really not that big of a deal that he did it but if they went about it unnoticed it well happen more frequent. Which will in turn, cause big problems if a lot of people started doing the same thing. America as it is already has more then enough bullshit on the internet, what I mean my bullshit is everyone lies, avoids, persuade, and stretch the truth enough as it is.


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