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fun day

In this article it talks about were "emo" originally came from and what it meant and how it changed to what it is now. Emo was originally a style of rock music called “Emocore.” Emocore started to spread in the culture in the 2000’s. Emo is now more to “describe related aspects of fashion, culture, and behavior.

The stereotype for emos is basically sensitive people who wear black and skinny jeans, tight short sleeve shirts, studded belts, and layered short hair that covers one eye. They are also stereotyped to be depressed suicidal and cut them selves. I do disagree that they say emo is typically guys, that’s not true in the least there are very many emo girls who are involved with this “style.” Emo has been clamed illegal in Russia, and the style is not allowed at the school. I find that unfair and just is another type of discrimination.


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