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eminem is right
fun day

I personally am a great fan of Eminem. He spits the truth and how he feels and doesn’t hold back on what people would think about him and his beliefs that takes a real man to do that. In this article Mary Eberstadt talks about how much music has changed and the frequent question “What is it about today’s music, violent and disgusting though it may be, that resonates with so many American kids?” Mary says basically that the music today is from the artist past emotion neglect, abandonment, and family dysfunction and especially absent fathers.

The music now a days applies to what all the teenagers feel and gone threw, that’s why the music is so famous. It has evolved from what it was to what it is now because of everyone’s at home experiences. William Shaw states that “these songs reflect the zeitgeist of an age group coping with the highest martial-breakdown rate ever recorded in America. If this era’s music says anything, it’s that this generation sees itself as uniquely fractured.” I agree with William, it’s obvious it’s not the music that’s influencing kids; it’s the life our generation is going threw that’s influencing the music.


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