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social networking: what are the risks
fun day

I think how much people get on the internet is a good problem that needs to be addressed. People have died from staying on the computer to much. 70 million people are involved in some sort of social networking account such as MySpace and others. They say that it isolates everyone from human to human contact. It is now human to technology to human. I also believe that having your eyes glued to a screen isn't healthy over time, and can cause people to get into accidents because lack of focusing on real world when needed.

Others also believe that it’s not harming our society and is actually making it better. They believe this cause we can stay connected with who we want no matter were we are. I agree with both sides, there are positives and negatives although I believe there are more negatives then positives. Another negative is that an invasion of privacy with all your information at many peoples grasps especially advertisements.


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